Get involved.

Get involved.

Successful reintegration requires support on many fronts. Volunteer partnership teams are a critical part of the Concordance Re-Entry Model. Each team partners with an Academy participant upon return to help individuals plug into the larger community through spiritual, volunteer and recreational activities, creating new and constructive life skills. Together, the individual and the partnership team sign a one-year, jointly-written “covenant” that outlines everyone’s commitment.

Teams will …

  • Provide much-needed emotional support, love and encouragement

  • Create a resourceful network to help meet basic needs – ranging from transportation and childcare, to household furnishings and clothing

  • Supplement Academy services to help participants achieve goals outlined in their customized life plans and career blueprints

  • Foster individual growth through the creation and implementation of a personal project that contributes to the greater good of society

  • Through this covenant, partnership teams will help people achieve personal and professional goals – and hold them accountable for doing so. The teams provide the loving touch that is critical to Concordance Academy’s success.

  • Every family deserves to experience the holiday spirit of joy and generosity. By volunteering or donating to our holiday shopping event, you are helping Concordance families rebuild relationships that are all too often strained by incarceration.

    Kate Kay EVP, Head of Community & Life Skills

Robin HaugenVolunteer