We provide a continuity of care from pre-release through post-release. Our work is informed by effective, evidence- and trauma-informed randomized controlled trials.


Gender-specific programming is also accommodated as well as consideration of low, moderate and high-risk populations.

Our 18-month program consists of …

The schedule for each participant will morph over the course of 18 months, with changes in service intensity most notably occurring during the following participant milestones: six months pre-release, the first two days reporting to the Academy upon release, the first six weeks post-release, and the remainder of the first year post-release – concluding with graduation from the Academy.

During the six-month pre-release period, each participant receives approximately six hours per week of programming, including individual and group Behavioral Health & Wellness interventions and individual and group Education & Employment interventions.

Upon release, a participant is asked to begin Academy services the day after leaving prison. The first two days at the Academy headquarters consist of half-day programming, which include updating the bio-psycho-social assessment, receiving other community-oriented transitional support services.

In the first six to eight weeks post-release, the participant enters an intensive period of full-day programming at the Academy. During this phase, participants receive multiple Community & Life Skills and Behavioral Health & Wellness interventions that are braided together as part of the Academy’s Comprehensive Behavioral Health Manual. In addition, this programming phase includes education and job readiness curriculum.

Participants are connected to the Concordance Employment Agency where skills and interests are matched to established employment partners. Transition to employment occurs in three phases: workplace simulation; part-time employment; and full-time employment. Each employment partner collaborates with Concordance to address challenges and the unique needs of Academy participants as they re-enter the workforce.

As part of the post-release service, participants are connected to a team of case managers who connect them to community resources necessary for a successful transition. In addition, each participant is supported as they reconnect with the larger community through healthy-lifestyle activities.

Successful participants complete formal programming at Concordance over the course of 18 months, starting six months pre-release and continuing 12 months post release. However, because we know the challenges facing formerly incarcerated individuals often stay with them for a lifetime, the  “Concordance Out for Good” program can be utilized indefinitely once a participant has successfully completed the requirements to graduate and if they remain in good standing with their employer. Resources and support cover a broad range of topics from continuing education, substance-use programming and referrals, and even just a friendly face to remind participants how far they have come.

Specific services include life skills classes, access to continuing education resources, housing assistance, behavioral health counseling, and spiritual support from our on-site chaplain.

  • When you are suffering from the effects of trauma, you need a supportive community. Concordance Academy can provide that for our participants.

    Jane Petrie EVP, Head of Behavioral Health & Wellness

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