Re-Entry Model

Concordance Academy is unlike any other organization assisting individuals returning from prison. We offer the first set of holistic, integrated and evidence-informed re-entry services in the country.

The Academy’s re-entry services are delivered in four phases that begin six months pre-release, and continue one year after release. Each enrollee initially receives a bio-psycho-social assessment and, from there, creates a “life plan” with the Academy team that focuses on three core areas – behavioral health and wellness, education and employment, and community and life skills – addressing a multitude of issues through a series of interventions:

Another innovative aspect of the Academy’s approach is that we target all of our interventions and assess a participant’s progress against one or more of the Five Core Facilitators for Well-Being Development – a novel assessment framework created by Washington University in St. Louis specifically for us.

Our scope of services to this vulnerable population is unmatched. People returning from prison face many of life’s greatest challenges, and our vision is to advance the field and lead the nation in addressing this issue.

Our scope of services …

The Academy team works to ease transition for participants by navigating healthcare needs:

  • Addressing behavioral health needs, including substance use disorders

  • Making connections with healthcare providers and resources

  • Developing healthier coping mechanisms and approaches to constructively manage life issues

Whether it’s coordinating healthcare appointments, or offering individual and group sessions, the Academy team provides behavioral health resources for each individual.

Concordance Academy sets education and employment goals with each individual and identifies a path to achieve those goals:

  • Exploring career aptitude and assessing skills

  • Providing opportunities to earn immediate income upon release, primarily through our own employment agency

  • Delivering next-level education and/or training

  • Offering job coaches to teach and model behaviors necessary to be successful in the workplace

  • Facilitating networking opportunities for long-term career development

Participants in the Academy move through a “now-next-later” career model that sets them up for independent living upon return to the community.

Integrating back into the community is a process that requires support on many fronts. Concordance Academy works in:

  • Providing spiritual and emotional care through the Academy’s chaplain

  • Addressing outstanding legal matters

  • Assisting with safe housing plans

  • Providing guidance in money management and nutrition

  • Identifying healthy lifestyle choices and developing positive relationships

The Academy helps participants plug into the larger community through spiritual, volunteer and recreational activities, creating new and constructive life skills.

  • Our goal is to be a best-in-class operator, investing in expert talent and evidence-informed interventions, in order to provide outstanding services to our participants.

    Michelle Smith Chief Operating Officer

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