Employment Agency

The Concordance Employment Agency is an alternative staffing agency with the dual mission of delivering staffing services while helping individuals overcome obstacles to employment so they can have a successful return to their communities.

One of Concordance’s many goals is to help break down the stigma of hiring formerly incarcerated individuals.

Did you know that the vast majority of business and HR leaders report that individuals with criminal records perform the same or better than employees without criminal records? In fact, the risks of hiring formerly incarcerated individuals are greatly diminished when working with an established re-entry organization. 

At Concordance, we partner with numerous employers to set our participants up for success in a supportive environment. Our EAP-style wraparound support ensures that every participant receives support and guidance from a licensed therapist, case manager, and career coach to successfully transition and stay in the workforce long term. 

The Right Skills. The Right Jobs. The Right Time.

 Successfully placing participants into part- and full-time employment requires the right mix of skills, jobs, and timing. Each of these is taken into consideration when participants begin working with the Concordance Employment Agency.

The Right Skills

At Concordance, participants receive more than 500 hours of programming across 12 service areas to help prepare them for success at work, home, and in the community. Workplace skill development activities include:

Soft Skills

 Ability to interact and communicate effectively with teammates and supervisors.

Digital Literacy

Ability to access and navigate information efficiently and ethically on virtual platforms like the internet, computers, smartphones, and social media.

Workplace Literacy

Ability to apply mathematical reasoning to work-related problems and utilize information from documents to solve problems.

Technical Skills

Knowledge and understanding of quality, safety, productivity, and customer service apply to specific jobs. 

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