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The Concordance Employment Agency offers a flexible approach that allows you to add to your team with confidence, so you have the staff you need to achieve your goals. Our specialty is in identifying the skills, qualifications and work style that match your hiring needs, while controlling costs and boosting efficiency.

Concordance is dedicated to providing excellent service and clear communication to our customers. We are committed to building strong partnerships with our clients, understanding your unique needs and providing solutions.

We work for you …

  • From responsive time-to-fill, to quality-of-hires, we balance your priorities, including just-in-time requests.

  • We are dedicated to fostering collaborative company-employee relationships – be it short-term or long-term – that meet your needs.

  • Our employees are available to fill your work needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • We handle all background checks, drug screens, recruitment, payroll and other HR processing steps.

  • To ensure employees are successful, we offer professional job coaching.

  • We are fully insured through fidelity bonding, general liability and workers’ compensation.

  • Training related to working with formerly incarcerated individuals is available.

We source skilled workers …

  • Assessments and training are essential to our model, allowing us to have a good understanding of our employees.

  • All of our employees have a customized Career Blueprint complete with ongoing education and training goals.

  • We build essential skills that are needed for today’s marketplace, including soft skills, digital literacy, workplace safety and technical skills.

  • We continually keep a pulse on the regional workforce.

Be a hiring partner.

Be a hiring partner.

    • Equipping these individuals with the education and training they need for a successful career is beneficial for them, their families and for the community.

      Tom Grant SVP, Director of Concordance Employment Agency

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