Dedicated to authentic transformation in the lives of our participants, the Academy has invested in staff from all walks of life who represent all facets of the criminal justice system: corrections, law enforcement, legislators, the formerly incarcerated, business owners, civic leaders, researchers and tenured re-entry providers. This all-encompassing approach serves as a comprehensive resource while we work to identify the needs of Academy participants, as well as those of the communities to which they return.

Danny Ludeman
President & CEO

Michelle Smith
Chief Operating Officer

Sarah Topal
Chief Administrative Officer

Roderick Nunn
EVP, Head of Education & Employment

Kate Kay
EVP, Head of Community & Life Skills

Jane Petrie
EVP, Head of Behavioral Health & Wellness

Jill Lewin
SVP, Director of Marketing, Communications & Development

Tom Grant
SVP, Director of Concordance Employment Agency

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